Where would I have peace?

Good afternoon! I hope your day is unfolding well. Take a minute to take a slow, gentle breath. Feel the coolness as you draw it in and let it refresh you. Let your awareness flow from the top of your head to your feet and back to your heart. Where in your body would you invite peace to come just now? If your back is tight, breathe peace to that place. If your shoulders ache, breathe peace to them, filling them with freshness and light.

Extending your care outward, where in your environment would you wish peace to flow? Perhaps a coworker is struggling today. Or you’d like to salve a client’s frustration. Or you wish for more harmony in your family, your city, or your world.

Breathe in and let peace arrive. And feel your gratitude–and the gratitude of the world you bless–close behind.


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