Meeting our hunger


Have you ever had one of those really hungry days when no matter what you eat, you just can’t seem to get enough? Many of us try so hard to make food choices that are good for us. We steer clear of sugar, chips, sodas…until we don’t. We try to control our cravings…until we can’t. We alternate between disciplined deprivation and eating with abandon.

Are you hungry right now? Is there any food that sounds particularly good? Maybe some tortilla chips, a square of chocolate, an apple? Follow that hungry sensation to wherever it originates. Is it in your stomach, your chest, somewhere else? Breathe in and acknowledge the hunger. Let it know you see it. Appreciate the fact that it is serving you by promoting your life force, encouraging you to take in what you need to maintain your energy level and thrive.

Sometimes what we hunger for isn’t food but rather affection, or companionship, or peace. Maybe we’re trying to cover up our sadness or gain control of out-of-control circumstances. Let your hunger tell you what it is calling for. Do you need food, water, acceptance, or reassurance? When we listen for the subtle answer of our hunger, our awareness and compassionate listening can give us ideas about how to respond. And a mindful, caring answer will satiate our hunger and bring us back to peace.


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