The energy of today


Good afternoon! I hope your Monday is going well. This for me has been a day of unexpected happenings. The things I had planned to do are piling up on my desk (actually, my piles now have piles), and I’ve been repeatedly called into situations that need my full emotional, physical, and spiritual attention. I realized a little while ago what a rich day this has been in its own right, although it doesn’t match the kind of “productive” day I had envisioned for myself.

What is the energy of your day? Has it been flowing the way you thought it would or offering you a different, surprising kind of ride? Just for a moment, stop struggling against the way you thought this day would go, and let it be what it is. Exhale any tension you’re holding and inhale the newness of this moment. It’s okay. Life is creating alongside us, in partnership. We don’t have to do all the shaping, controlling, and measuring in order for it to be a successful day.

What’s one surprise that today has offered you?


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