Mindful NOT

Okay, here’s how mindful I’m not being today. I’m calling people by the wrong names. I tripped going up the stairs and scraped my arm. I knocked a wind-up toy off my desk and then forgot about it and stepped on it, smashing it to pieces (which went back together again remarkably easily). Yes, universe? I’m listening.

Even in the off-kilter days when energy seems jangly and unexpected surprises jump out at us, mindfulness is a calming support that lets the moment be what it is. A mistake becomes an invitation to bring my awareness to the moment, to take a deep breath, to let myself slow down. Have you had any foibles today? Can you invite some self-compassion into that place? Ultimately, our kindness toward ourselves is a lot more important than getting every single thing right (or even walking up the stairs without self-injury LOL).

There’s a mindfulness webinar (tomorrow night) you might want to tune in for if you find yourself dealing with chronic pain. It’s free and research based. I plan to tune in myself: Mindfulness for Healing


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