The things we’d rather not see


Greetings, friends. I’ve had a couple of days off because things have been so incredibly busy at hospice I haven’t had a moment to be mindful. Or taken a moment to be mindful. Even though I really needed it.

Today from someone close I received the priceless gift of a view of myself I’d rather not see. It was not fun. It was not easy. My hope and prayer is to stay present with it as a piece of the “truth of me” that has until now been outside my awareness. I hope┬áto allow compassion, light, and gentleness to broaden that understanding in a way that is nurturing to us both.

The mindful piece is the willingness to see that in this moment, I am a mix of the known and unknown parts of me, making a choice to stay awake to the pain and be┬ápresent to the tension between “who-I-want-to-be” and “who-I-am.” Welcoming whatever is here just now without judgment–perfect and imperfect–is mindfulness, and that is a good place to begin.


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