One lily

It’s a gorgeous morning here in Indiana. As I was on my way to a patient’s house, I noticed a beautiful garden of lilies–purple and yellow–in full bloom. The mix of radiant colors, contrasts, and light intensified the garden’s beauty. It occurred to me that one single blossom, or even one single petal, of each flower was a masterpiece.

To me that was a mindful thought. In spring we are bathed in an abundance of color and blossom breaking forth into the world. But each single blossoming–no matter how tiny, seen or unseen–is a marvel.¬†How much more is there to appreciate if we look closer at this landscape of beauty and let ourselves slow down and focus on one tiny and miraculous part?

Just now, let your eyes settle on one thing in your environment that catches your attention. Let yourself appreciate its color, texture, space. Notice its subtle changes–where is it in light and where is it in shadow? What part can you touch? What is beyond your reach? Ask yourself where in your body the color resonates with you. Let your heart shine gratitude back to that item. Its presence in your day just now is giving you a moment of joy, a light minute of rest.


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