Appreciating each other


A few minutes ago, a colleague and I passed in the hallway. “I like your purple,” I said, referring to the color of his shirt. “Thanks,” he said, smiling as he walked away.

One of our RNs brought in a huge box of delectable donuts this morning and plopped it down right in the middle of our morning meeting. (Did you know that it is National Donut Day? I didn’t, either.) Her kindness made us all feel loved (not to mention, sugar-buzzed).

A thousand times a day, we have an opportunity to reach beyond ourselves and make contact in an affirming, uplifting way. Appreciating each other does that.

We can be thankful we’re not alone on this path, thankful that others have gifts we don’t have, thankful that things are getting better, thankful that things aren’t worse.

We can be thankful we have the capacity to notice the many ways we are blessed in this moment.

What is waiting for your thankful noticing just now? Sprinkle your appreciation liberally, water with love, and watch beauty blossom. 🙂

Have a good weekend!


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