A quiet shower


Voices, voices, voices. The air around me this morning was swirling and chatty, full of happy back-and-forth about weekends and kids and vacation plans and more. It’s a great blessing to work with folks who really like each other.

But just now, everyone is out of the office but me. I hear the rush of the air circulating in the vents. The hum of my computer. Now I become aware of my own internal rhythms–my breath, my heart, my thoughts.

What sounds are around you just now? Do you hear the click of the keyboard, the squeak of a chair, a distant phone ringing, maybe bird song? Can you follow that sound as it moves inside, noticing your breath, your heartbeat, the inner voice of tightness? Let those sounds be a nurturing shower for you in this moment, washing away the “was” and the “what if,” bringing you fully to this precise and preciously full moment of being.


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