Find your anchor


Perhaps the easiest–and the most slippery–part of mindfulness is that the practice is really just about simple awareness. Where is your awareness right now? Is it flitting off into fantasies of the future? Is it replaying a comment you made last night? Is it arising from something real in this tiny precise moment?

Anchoring our awareness is a way to bring our full attention to one simple thing, while limiting the waves of stimuli that continually wash over us. You might want to choose one sense to serve as your anchor. Taste, for example. As you sip your tea, let the sense of taste draw your awareness fully into this moment of experience. Let the taste register fully, feel its impact, breathe into it. Just notice it, and inhale and exhale gently.

At another time, you might choose a different sense as an anchor. What do you hear? What do you see? What is your sense of touch telling you? I like the idea of cycling through different sense anchors so they all get some exercise. Like anything else, the more we honor our awareness with our awareness of it, the more it smiles and opens like a flower to the sun.


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