The writing on the wall


This morning, early (about 6:15am), an idea for simplifying my day bubbled up in my not-yet-caffeinated mind. I asked myself, At the end of the day, what three things will I want to have created with my time? I grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote those three things on the segment of wall I painted with blackboard paint for my grandkids. I took a moment to ask myself, is this really what I want to create today? The answer was yes. So I dated it, took a picture with my cell phone, and went on about my day.

The funny thing is, probably a dozen times in the hours since, I’ve thought back to those words, written in chalk on the wall in my kitchen. I even looked at the picture on my phone a couple of times. In a significant way, those words are helping to steer the choices I’m making with my time. It’s pretty remarkable.

What’s the writing on your wall today? Or, what would you like it to be? (If you try this yourself, leave a comment and let me know how it works for you!)


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