A pillow of peace

You’ve probably noticed, if you are at all connected to social media or if you read the daily headlines, that the world seems to be operating at a fever pitch right now. There is so much to take in. So much to process. So many emotions to feel. There is anxiety–and out-and-out fear–about the election in the U.S. There is worry about instability throughout the world, ongoing war, poverty, gun violence, climate change, and more. All of it seems beyond our ability to control. We can feel like helpless participants, being dragged toward a future we didn’t choose.

What can a single, mindful breath offer us in the midst of panic and powerlessness?

Peace. Focus. Stillness. Rest.

Our breath can direct us toward the one place where we can make the biggest impact–our inner world (which helps to create our outer one). Inhaling with the intention of nourishing and supporting ourselves brings the intentional creation of peace, for this one being, this one breath, this one moment. But you know what? That means peace exists, right here, right now. Peace is present. Peace is an option. Self-support, compassion and care for our souls that are so frazzled and stretched by the stimulus of the outer world gives us a vivid, physical experience of turning toward safety and security in the midst of a spinning world.

So tonight, before you check your Twitter feed or turn up the volume on the presidential debate, take a few breaths. Put your hand on your heart. Envision yourself resting in a beautiful pillow of peace. And know that your real and lasting support–support that will continue no matter what goes on in the outer world–is right here, right now, always.


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