Awake and hungry

In our fast-paced world, eating often becomes one of those things we do on the fly. We grab a sandwich on the way to the kids’ soccer practice. We carry yogurt out the door in the morning and eat it on the way to work. We may stand in the kitchen late at night, grazing through the cabinets or the fridge to appease that uncomfortable empty gnawing feeling.

When we eat on auto-pilot, the feeling of enjoying our food and nourishing ourselves gets lost. We miss out on the richness. We lose the sense of peace. We cheat ourselves out of the warming sense of self-care and gratitude that comes from considering what our bodies need and caringly delivering it.

Here is an article with a simple tool that can help us wake up to what our bodies are actually calling for in this moment. We can use a hunger scale to become mindful of whether we’re hungry and–if so–how hungry we are. We can also use the scale to assess when we’re actually not hungry but may be needing something else. Try it and see. It may just add another level of kindness to the self-nourishing in your day.


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