Mindfulness says, “Go ahead and eat that cookie”

Good news! Researchers have found that being mindful actually increases the likelihood that you will be aware of your inner desires (mmmm…something sweet and crunchy) and act on them. That means you might go back for a second–or third–iced Christmas cookie if they look good and you’re hungry and you’re feeling kindly toward yourself. What’s more, if you can be mindful about it (“This is what I want and I’m deciding to give it to myself”) you’ll experience less guilt to boot! Win-win-win.

The researchers also found, however, that this doesn’t mean you’ll eat *all* the cookies. Because by being aware of our inner processes (which include desire, hunger, satiation, and more), we also realize when we’re feeling full. We’ll remember our larger goal (“I want to keep my eating habits reasonably balanced and healthy”) and not just devour all the cookies on the cooling rack without a second thought.

If you’d like to see that I’m not just making this up, you can read the article for yourself here: http://www.mindful.org/mindfulness-supports-wise-indulgence/

Happy Mindful-and-Have-Another-Cookie Holiday, friends!


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