The energy of the moment

This morning as I was driving in to work, I was thinking of all the pain in the air around us…the upset and uncertainty, the outrage and the resistance. It is a difficult time for many in America–and in fact all over the world. How do we embody that? How can we bring a little breeze of transformation, a little peace and a little warm light, in spite of and perhaps in response to the difficult emotions swirling everywhere?

Mindful practice invites us to be awaken to whatever’s here, right now. We can put our hand on our hearts. We can invite ourselves to wake up to whatever we’re feeling in this precise moment. What is it? Anger? Hurt? Fear? Hopelessness? Powerlessness?

With our hands on our hearts, we can offer understanding and acceptance to ourselves in this precise moment, whatever we’re feeling, whatever our minds are turning over and over, whatever pictures our emotions may be painting in our futures. Right now, here is peace. Now, here is breath. In this moment, we wish well for ourselves and all the world.

May all beings be safe. May all beings be happy. May all beings be healthy. May all beings live with ease.

This loving place of self-care is the seedbed of change. From this point, we can begin to embody the change we wish to see in the world.




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