Forced mindfulness

This morning, the drive in to the hospital was an experience in forced mindfulness. The fog was so thick I couldn’t see more than 20-30 feet in front of me at any given time. This meant I couldn’t long anticipate the school busses headed my way; couldn’t look ahead for the middle-schoolers standing by the road; couldn’t let my mind wander as I surveyed the sunrise or noticed the light playing along the clouds and the tops of the trees.

My focus was tight on the here-and-now. I read the visual queues around me and watched for lights and turn signals and book bags that could suddenly spring up out of the fog.

I thought about how–at least in Midwestern Indiana this morning–our environment was asking us to focus smaller, no longer taking in the far horizon but being aware up-close, right-here, right-now. We need that immediate focus to stay safe and keep everyone else in our path safe too. The far-away dreaming is for another morning’s drive. Just now, life is calling for self-care, attention, and awareness to this precise fogged-in moment.

It’s a good practice, foggy morning or not. 🙂


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