Befriending what is

So I woke up this morning irritated. Irritated that I have poison ivy again. Irritated that it is too early in the season to even have poison ivy. Irritated that I have to spend time fussing with Benadryl and calamine lotion and steroid cream and bandages so my work clothes don’t stick to me. Yuck. Phooey. I’m over it.

But this morning a question bubbled up. What if I could just be mindful of what my body is going through, offering it my support, exactly as it is, in this precise moment? Poison ivy and all? Discomfort and all? Would that even be possible?

I was surprised to discover a place of gentleness within me. It was possible. “Do what you need to do,” I told my body, aware that I may have a week’s worth of blistering ahead of me. “Thank you, immune system, for doing your best to keep me safe.”

The emotional shift was subtle but profound. The irritation vanished. I don’t feel mad at my body anymore for reacting to an allergen with such drama. I feel compassion for my skin in the afflicted areas. I feel compassion for my mind, which has to have this low-grade stress on top of normal life for the next little bit. I feel compassion for my whole self, as I do my best in experiencing just another delightfully challenging and endlessly expanding day of my life.

Peace, friends. Self-support really does make a difference. Even when you itch. 🙂


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  1. Amy says:

    Thank you, Katherine! I really needed to read this today. Learning to greet my challenges with loving kindness and compassion is something I am working at right now. Yesterday and today that has been a struggle. Your words, as always, help. Thank you for sharing your journey. Hope that the itching improves soon.
    Peace & love,

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    1. joynow23 says:

      Thanks for your comment, Amy! I know–isn’t it surprising that self-compassion is so hard?! Love and hugs to you, 🙂 k


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