Hello, beautiful! And a course

Isn’t it amazing that when we stop and bring our minds to this exact moment of Now, suddenly we notice all the beauty around us? The lilacs are beginning to blossom, filling the space and the air with deliciousness. My azalea bushes burst into satiny reds this week, and the tulips are finishing up and making way for the next round of buds anticipating their moments in the sun. We notice, we benefit, we feel none of this if we can’t let ourselves breathe and take in this beautiful moment exactly as it is. Our presence is a prerequisite to receiving the beauty and blessing being offered to us in each new moment.

I wanted to tell you about a mindfulness course Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist Tara Brach is offering right now. If you sign up by April 30, you can participate at a huge discount (the entire course for only $40, usually $160). I signed up for the Radical Acceptance course but she has others on Udemy as well. I think this link will get you there: https://www.udemy.com/radical-acceptance

Let’s practice presence today, letting our minds be full only of Now so we can receive the beauty and blessing of these never-to-be-repeated moments.

Peace, friends.


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