A simple breath


Thank goodness for mindfulness. It feels like the volume of the world (not to mention the speed) has been turned up lately–everywhere we go, we are inundated by headlines, worries, puzzles, challenges, losses. Are we remembering to catch our breath? Are we able to notice the beauty, the color, the comfort around us, right this very minute?

Just now I was completing this week’s study guide for our weekly book study on “Grieving Mindfully” (find out more by clicking here) and I opened the book I Am Here Now, by the Mindfulness Project. This wonderful little book includes dozens of simple mindfulness activities designed to help us bring ourselves here now and find peace and (dare I say it?) equanimity. Here’s a picture of the activity I opened to. I thought I’d share it with you. For me, it’s just what the universe ordered. 🙂




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