About this mini-blog


Katherine Murray, M.Div. Hospice chaplain at Hancock Regional Hospice

Awareness changes everything. It can bring a moment of reprieve to gripping pain; it can deliver a deep and cleansing breath into a rushed afternoon of high stress. Mindfulness is a technique that enables us to take a break from all the things that are pushing us or pulling us and simply be here now. Bringing our awareness to the present moment is a simple and elegant act of self-care. By noticing ourselves, becoming aware of our bodies, giving ourselves a moment to take a breath, we are caring for ourselves in a significant way.

The idea for this blog grew out of the Mindfulness workshops I’ve been doing for Hancock Health. Our hospital system, located in a rural area in east central Indiana, has set a community health goal of “becoming the healthiest county in the state.” As a hospice chaplain, bereavement coordinator, and clinical health coach, I have long had a belief that we can help ourselves heal, and cope, and thrive by improving the ways in which we support ourselves. Instead of driving ourselves relentlessly, we can give ourselves moments of rest through the day. Instead of criticizing ourselves for falling short on our goals, we can encourage ourselves–as we would our own children–to make choices in alignment with where we want to be.

The change is subtle, but it can also be life-changing. The Mindful Minute is designed to offer a single thought each afternoon that can interrupt the busyness of our days and help us turn our attention to self-nurture. Just for a minute.

And that minute could be the seed that changes the trajectory of your day.