Meeting the ghost

Last night I watched Tara Brach’s video, The Realm of Hungry Ghosts. Tara is a great teacher of mindfulness and she has a deep understanding of mind and our need for self-compassion.


This is the word that has been swimming around in my head this morning like a happy little goldfish. It’s something I’d like to see, find, and feel more of in this world right now.

Cookie mindfulness

I am having a hungry day. I don’t just want a cookie. I want ALL the cookies.

Lord, hear our prayer

Today as I listen to what’s arising in my present moments, I’ve noticed myself whispering “Lord, hear our prayer” whenever I witness a hopeful or kind event.

The writing on the wall

This morning, early (about 6:15am), an idea for simplifying my day bubbled up in my not-yet-caffeinated mind. I asked myself, At the end of the day, what three things will I want to have created with my time?

The taste of quiet

This morning I am in the office before anyone else arrives. There’s no one here yet in any of the offices in our hallway. The lights are still out.

Find your anchor

Perhaps the easiest–and the most slippery–part of mindfulness is that the practice is really just about simple awareness.

Letting go of an upsetting thought

How often does a worry nag at you through the day, hanging around and poking at you and leeching your good, positive energy? I found a little tool this morning

Mindful ivy

So, today is a little bit of a challenge. Blistering poison ivy on two arms and one ankle. Air conditioner blew a capacitor and they have to order the part. ETA for cooler air (with upper 90s forecasted for the weekend): Tomorrow afternoon.

Process versus presence

Last night I had mini-epiphany. I thought peanut butter and celery sounded good (I’m funny that way) so I fixed myself a few pieces and settled in to watch my current favorite show. I munched on the celery fairly mindlessly. It tasted good. It hit the spot.