The Tetris effect

I was looking for some new resources for our creative imagery group at the Sue Wortman Cancer CenterĀ and ran across the term “the Tetris effect.” Apparently this is a thing. Visualization teachers have suggested that because of the way in which the brain continues to play with Tetris stimuli (seeing colorful blocks sometimes falling along…

In the moment

Just now…the sound of the fan, the light on the desk, voices in the hallway, warmth, breath, peace. <whispered: hallelujah>  

In touch with our inner resources

I decided this morning that today would be a fasting day…partly because I ate a lot of junk yesterday and partly because I want to give my system a rest. When I do this (which isn’t very often), I find that I feel quieter than usual, with a sense of okayness about what I have…

A pillow of peace

You’ve probably noticed, if you are at all connected to social media or if you read the daily headlines, that the world seems to be operating at a fever pitch right now. There is so much to take in. So much to process. So many emotions to feel.

The depths of peace

I read a Thomas Merton quote this morning that I love:

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”

So it’s not when the lawn mower is fixed, or when that bill is paid, or when he finally calls, or when she says she’s sorry.

Meeting the ghost

Last night I watched Tara Brach’s video, The Realm of Hungry Ghosts. Tara is a great teacher of mindfulness and she has a deep understanding of mind and our need for self-compassion.


This is the word that has been swimming around in my head this morning like a happy little goldfish. It’s something I’d like to see, find, and feel more of in this world right now.

Cookie mindfulness

I am having a hungry day. I don’t just want a cookie. I want ALL the cookies.

Lord, hear our prayer

Today as I listen to what’s arising in my present moments, I’ve noticed myself whispering “Lord, hear our prayer” whenever I witness a hopeful or kind event.

The writing on the wall

This morning, early (about 6:15am), an idea for simplifying my day bubbled up in my not-yet-caffeinated mind. I asked myself, At the end of the day, what three things will I want to have created with my time?

The taste of quiet

This morning I am in the office before anyone else arrives. There’s no one here yet in any of the offices in our hallway. The lights are still out.